Show me your baking 🧁 New BLD challenge

July 3rd, 2024
Thanks Wendy and everyone who enjoyed my Spices Flat lay in the last round of Breakfast Lunch Dinner challenge.

This BLD round is all about Baking YUM!
I'm excited to see your finished products in all their deliciousness. Cake.. muffins... cookies.. slices.. scones.. biscuits.. tarts.. brownies..

Extra points for paying attention to presentation and lighting in your set up. This link has some nice guiding principle,as%20staple%20light%20manipulation%20aids.

And there are lots of ideas waiting to be explored via Google!!

Enter as many times as you want but only one can make the shortlist for the vote.

Starting date: Thursday 4th July 2024
Ending date: Sunday 4th August 2024
Tag: bld-31
View entries for this challenge here:

A reminder of the Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, list of themes that have been done:
BLD-1: no theme
BLD-2: black and white
BLD-3: no theme
BLD-4: sandwiches
BLD-5: fruit and veggies
BLD-6: you are what you eat
BLD-7: Thanksgiving food
BLD-8: your Christmas Holiday table
BLD-9: Chocolate
BLD-10: Layers
BLD-11: no theme
BLD-12: no theme
BLD-13: People and Food
BLD-14: no theme
BLD-15: Liquid
BLD-16: Celebration
BLD-17: Candy cane
BLD-18: Comfort foods
BLD-19: Golden Triangle
BLD-20: For publication
BLD-21: Food on the go
BLD-22: Rituals and Traditions
BLD-23: Triptych
BLD-24: Backlighting
BLD-25: Desserts
BLD-26: New Year, New Food (current challenge)
BLD-27: Cooking With Love
BLD-28: Food Is Art
BLD-29: Fun Foods
BLD-30: Ingredients
BLD-31: Baking
July 3rd, 2024
@farmreporter - hey Wendy , just touching base for the Sh*T list this week :)
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