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It's another day in paradise here at Dreary Radio! We started spinning some artsy tunes your way a few days ago, and we'll be at it all year. It's DJ Daisy, bringing you something a little different today. Let's hear more about it from our guest.

Record painter: "Yeah you know, when a record gets scratched or cracked, it's usually thrown away. But even if it's broken, it's not useless. It may not sing out, you know, when you spin it, but I want to try and.. up-cycle these treasures, so that the viewer's mind might translate a visual experience into an auditory one. If that makes sense?"

DJ Daisy: "Yeah, so you're saying that the viewer can create their own song inspired by the uh.. the refurbished record?"

r.p.: "Yeah, sure."

Daisy: "So tell me what inspired you to start turning these records into art."

r.p.: "Actually about 4 years, 5 years ago a friend of mine gave me some old records she'd spray-painted. I loved the idea, and so a few years later I'm taking a stab at it.
It's also a shame to see records fade in popularity. Some of these are from the 1940s, some older. There's something about the age of them. Like.. they've been around through a lot of historical events, and have this wiseness to them. That might be weird, talking about an inanimate object. (laughs.) So if they don't work, it seems more respectful to give them a new life. I don't know if respectful is the right word. So giving them a new voice is really inspiring."

Daisy: "Well it was really fun talking with you today. Thanks so much for joining us on Dreary Radio."

I like the story
and long toes
June 11th, 2021  
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