Cathedral of the Savior of Zaragoza by franbalsera

Cathedral of the Savior of Zaragoza

This is the photograph for the Get Push 603. Northy suggested me to take a photo that might go into a travel magazine that shows something quintessential about Spain. This is the cathedral of my city and inside it is a work of art and I love it very much. It is part of the World Heritage Site Mudéjar Architecture of Aragon. I took the photograph this afternoon while walking through the city center.
Hi @northy, here is the photo for the Get pushed 603. I'm not sure if it is a quintessential in Spain, but for me it's a beautiful and magic place, and it is an icon in my city that travel magazines recommend to visit if you come to Zaragoza because it is part of the World Heritage Site Mudéjar Architecture of Aragon. I hope you like it. Have a good week!
February 18th, 2024  
Here is some historical information about the place:
February 18th, 2024  
Lovely. I think it probably is an integral part of your city so it works well to fulfill your challenge.
February 19th, 2024  
@randystreat I hope so, Kathy. Thanks
February 19th, 2024  
Oh my… that is so majestic! I love how you caught the square so empty…. It looks pristine…. Nicely done!
February 19th, 2024  
@northy Thank you!!!
February 19th, 2024  
Great pic👍😊
February 21st, 2024  
@mubbur Thank you!
February 21st, 2024  
Okay, Fran
I had a quick tour of your project and did not see much in the line of still lifes,
I also see that you are a piano teacher so how about a musical still life featuring a piano and music sheets? Anything else that would complete the still life would be nice as well (metronome perhaps or hands on the keyboard?)
February 26th, 2024  
@farmreporter Hi!!! I love that challenge. I will try to do my best.
February 27th, 2024  
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