Simple Water in the Fridge by francoise

Simple Water in the Fridge

Hanlie challenged me to take an SOOC picture using only the light from the fridge. The prompt for the day I’m working on (oh my goodness, I’m still working on Sunday 7/29) was water, photographed simply. So there you are. I might have improved this photo by using a tripod, but a higher ISO got it into reasonable if not perfect focus, and I am quite sure that this is not a day for perfection.

I spent all day thinking about water in various ways. I managed to clean out my van so that all six of us and our assorted belongings and all of the food I’ve been cooking for the past two days and all of the bottled water that Joe bought and all of our bedding/towels will have enough room to travel to the ocean for a couple of days. The van had not been overhauled since it had been called into service to help move a friend last November, so this was a job that required moving lots of objects and books and bottles and cups. It required using multiple garbage bags, hosing down floor mats, lots of washing surfaces and lots of vacuuming. Of course I managed to do this rather simple, though time-consuming task! What was amazing was that I managed to complete the job before the rain started pouring.

And pour it did. This has been the summer of the rain. We’ve had flooding and more flooding. It’s raining even as we speak. I love the rain. I love the license it gives me to not work in the garden, the license it gives me to stay in the house and watch through the windows. Yes, I have umbrellas and I get the dog out. In fact, I do most everything as normal, except working in the garden. But the feeling that the weather is telling me to stay at home where I can curl up with a good book remains delightful.

There is some possibility that there will be rain while we are at the ocean. I’ve made a pilgrimage to the library so am quite prepared to sit in our cottage’s screened in porch reading books and eating the fruits of the last couple days’ labor. I’ll throw a deck of cards into my bag so I can be sociable as well.

As I drove home from getting the oil changed in the van, I saw all sorts of water photo opportunities as everything is so saturated that even a small rain causes puddling and streaming and road flooding. But getting one of those photographs seemed so overwhelmingly enterprising that I just drove right on by. It was a delight to open 365 and find a straightforward task from my partner.
@hanlie Your challenge came at exactly the right time as I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by tasks ... so SOOC was perfect.
August 2nd, 2018  
Clean bottles, clean fridge, different POV...and why not? ;-)
August 2nd, 2018  
Your comment about still working on Sunday, July 29 made me smile ... you are further ahead than me (I am all over the place for July but will finish what I can tomorrow and leave the rest)
August 2nd, 2018  
August 2nd, 2018  
Excellent, enjoy your reading x
August 2nd, 2018  
a wonderful photo of such a simple subject and your musings are as enlightening as laways
August 2nd, 2018  
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