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2024: I've decided to use 365 project to do something I've wanted to do for a long time: write a "devotional." Putting words right onto the photos has one major advantage which is that, once done, the editing process is OVER. It's the end of March as I'm writing this. Reading back over what I've written so far, the entries feel unbearably pompous and self-righteous. But, I'm determined to complete the project. I hope it won't e too repetitive.

Almost 2023: After a short break, I'm back. Gonna keep it simple this year (at least for the moment).

January 2022 -- Year 9. Still here. Still loving the process. Still loving the community. Still learning.

December 2020. Gonna take a short break. Be back in March 2021.
November 2018 Only posting periodically these days. I'm not ready to renounce participating in project, just wishing to spend less time on the computer....

January 2018 Year 5. Though I took a month off last year, I am completely and utterly committed to this project. It's so much fun. It keeps me in contact with so many awesome individuals. It provides me some structure. It makes me feel like an artist. No specific plans for the coming year, just to complete another 365 project.

January 2017: I guess that this is now year 4. Is that even possible? I just flipped back through the calendar views to find out and it is. I had a strong sense of having photographic ADD because there did not seem to be any consistent themes or styles or anything. I think I might live life that way. I certainly plan to continue doing the 365 project that way, as in I'll just have to wait and see what shows up.

I live in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia surrounded by many different woods -- each its own micro-climate, astoundingly different from each other though right next door. Lucy the dog takes me wandering through the woods almost every day and I never get tired of it. My husband gave me a camera almost 4 years ago and little by little I became completely hooked on taking pictures (which I do for fun).
Yes, I take care of my family and household, I go to work (I teach math and organize tutoring services), I read and watch TV, I make things and do a lot of cooking. I started the 365 project in January on a whim. I had no idea I would love the interactions and take such joy and inspiration from the simple fact that we all look at each other's pictures.
I wonder a lot about how grownups (me and my husband) seem to be constantly on the move while teenagers (three boys 16, 17 and 24) seem to be constantly lounging about, usually attached to a glowing rectangle. Should I make the error of verbalizing this observation, however, the boys are extremely quick to point out my love of 365.