July 22 by francoise

July 22

Weird / wired
This little fellow was climbing out of the creek. He and his companions thoroughly enjoyed the outdoor concert we were attending in the park.  The performers were set up on a bridge over this creek to the right of the picture taken.  The little guy and his companions put on as good a show as the musicians (more entertaining actually, to my non musical self).  They crawled through the tunnel under the bridge, they danced in the creek, they ran on the walkways, they cleaned on the grass beyond the wall behind the musicians, they danced in front of the band, they danced while hanging on the railings like monkeys. They were completely wired, yet also completely relaxed and at home in the park.  Eventually they acquired a strange companion the band baptized "blanket boy" who followed the other kids around but was covered from head to toe in a blanket, a sort of miniature, alien monk. The kids were shooed of when they started dancing directly behind the musicians, but they undauntedly just moved over to the side.

They were not the only ones dancing.   Behind where we had set up our chairs, a very weird man in his 50s was doing a hybrid of an aerobic exercise class from the 80s and a dance.  He leapt into the air and spun around and galloped back and forth a piece of sidewalk perhaps 50 yards long!  And did other moves that might be found in a Martha Graham inspired exclusive dance class.  During the second set he acquired a companion dancer, a little girl with a full arm cast who had been staring at the weird man unabashedly during the first set.   Most of the adults around had been carefully looking the other way, as one does when in the presence of craziness.   A few of them were filming, though, so I would be surprised if the man couldn't be found somewhere on Facebook or YouTube.

His shenanigans were slightly more tolerable when accompanied by a child.   I did worry that he would collapse of a heart attack!
SUch a fun story of the weird/wired actions of the spectators! Terrific action shot too!
July 28th, 2021  
That was quite a spectacle you've described. I can see this uninhibited boy dancing, jumping, swimming. I'm surprised the adults supervising the boys allowed them to do all that, but a part of me is glad that they let the kids be kids.
July 28th, 2021  
@randystreat yes. I felt thrown back to a time (when I was young, heehee) when kids had way more freedom to run around the world on their own.
July 28th, 2021  
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