July 29 words by francoise

July 29 words

Begin / being / binge
Today Joe and I went for a boat ride on the boat that was many years in the desiring and many months in the waiting since pandemic related shortages meant that the necessary parts were long delayed.   But it's here and we're on our wa.  Today we went about ten miles downriver then came back up river.   At one point,  we dropped anchor and I wrote in my notebook while Joe fiddled with things mechanical and the boat spun around in lazy circles. Then we ate the sandwiches and cherry tomatoes I had brought for lunch.

The dogs were quite restless at first, whining and trying to crawl in my lap (even though they are too big and heavy to be lap dogs).  They walked from one side of the boat to the other in a constant motion.   At one point Lucy lay down and considered relaxing, but shortly, Peanut came along and urgently pawed at her as though to say,  "you can't sleep now, there's important excitement going on.  We need to stay agitated."

They kept this up for about an hour, whether we were moving or stopped.  Then after lunch,  during which they shared some scraps and got a good drink of water, they were suddenly completely calm.  They found places to sit and watched the sights, or curled up for naps, only raising their heads to look at me reproachfully if we slapped into another boat's wake. We rode back to the dock because I needed to use the facilities and when it was time to get back on the boat, they just hopped aboard and settled down.  By this time, Joe also had figured out a few things about how to steer the boat,  so that's when we set off upriver.

I decided to begin a notebook that I'll only write in on the boat. Unlike the dogs, there is only so long I can sit somewhere without doing anything.   Just being is really not my thing.  I'm all about doing.  So when Joe started talking about boats and how I could accompany him on fabulous fishing voyages, my heart an a bit.  I didn't want to disappoint him.   "You'll be able to bring the dogs," he said, "you can take pictures." Then I thought of the idea of a special notebook in which I could binge-write and I immediately cheered up.  Depending where we go, next time I'll definitely bring a bathing suit and a book to read as well.
Cute pic
July 31st, 2021  
sounds like a marvelous day especially since you had an activity to occupy your time. Great shot of the relaxed dogs!
August 1st, 2021  
The description is of a lovely day with your husband and dogs. Unless I'm fishing, I think that fishing is a boring activity. My husband tried to teach me as we wandered up and down the shore of a river. But then I was too cheap to buy a fishing license so I didn't fish with him.
August 1st, 2021  
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