Sunrise in Ischia Ponte... by frappa77

Sunrise in Ischia Ponte...

in front of you Vivara Island and in the background Procida Island...

3 seagull in 3 pictures (see the previous two)... photobombers??? ;)
Beautiful image
Welcome back :-)
August 4th, 2017  
hello! gorgeous atmosphere!
August 4th, 2017  
Simply fabulous and those gulls are good luck charms, I think Fav.
August 4th, 2017  
Another spectacular image. You have a magical way with the birds to catch three of them in flight. Awesome timing for sure. This one gets up FAV
August 4th, 2017  
lovely sunrise. I like the bird silhouette
August 4th, 2017  
A lovely sunrise
August 5th, 2017  
So nice to see you once again! This is a stunning shot with the rich sunrise and lovely hills.
so peaceful!
August 5th, 2017  
I haven't heard from you in a while. Welcome back, Francesca. Beautiful photo.
August 5th, 2017  
fantastic shot
August 5th, 2017  
Love Procida and Ischia. Super sunrise capture
August 7th, 2017  
@inthecloud5 @joysabin @grammyn @dmdfday @dawnee @farmreporter @moonmtn @cruiser @helly31
I missed you so much! Thanks a lot for your warm and sweet welcome back!
August 8th, 2017  
Such peace it conveys. Must say I love your ID photo!
October 23rd, 2017  
Fav for so much serenity,.
November 21st, 2017  
@nobled @stimuloog
Thank you very much for taking the time to pass by and comment! I hope to be able to post more often... Happy to follow you both! :)
November 22nd, 2017  
@frappa77 Thanks for the follow, Francesca :-)
November 22nd, 2017  
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