"Nel blu dipinto di blu..." (Volare) by frappa77

"Nel blu dipinto di blu..." (Volare)

In red zone again, till the 6th of April... It means we can move only to reach our work place and for needs or health reasons... No recreational activities or visits to relatives and friends, except for walking and making sport in our surroundings...
It's time to start to photograph again from the roof, dreaming in blue...

For the Song Title Challenge...

"Nel blu dipinto di blu..." (Volare) by Domenico Modugno
"In the blue painted blue... " (To fly)

So sorry to hear about the change to the red zone.
A marvelous silhouette.
March 20th, 2021  
Beautiful Francesca! However we can walk in the city without problems and that is very helpful. Fav
March 20th, 2021  
Thank you so much my friend, hope your family and you are safe... 🙏
March 20th, 2021  
How are you, Caterinaaa? We're all fine... I miss my fabolous walks in the roman parks, but they are too far! To be sincere, I prefer to reach the roof, than to have a stroll in my surroundings... I should try to reach the roman countryside, it could set aside wonderful surprises! ;)
March 20th, 2021  
Such a wonderful Bluehour photo! Fantastic silhouettes and perfect for the song title
March 20th, 2021  
Beautiful silhouette and blue hour shot!
March 28th, 2021  
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