Low key by frappa77

Low key

For the Get Pushed Challenge 453 Jacquelin, @jacqbb, wrote to me:"How about a low key shot for the coming week?".
This is my answer to her challenge...
nb. better on black... ;)
@jacqbb love low key portrait, but want to try with a low key photo of obcjects next time... Thank you for this opportunity to test myself!
April 5th, 2021  
@frappa77 Brilliant portrait, love your use of low key here! Fav. See you again with a future challenge!
April 5th, 2021  
Hi! We are get-pushed partners for this coming week. Your challenge is to try some refraction photography. You can use water droplets, water in a glass, marbles, or a crystal ball. Here's an article to get you started: https://expertphotography.com/refracted-light-photography/

If you'd prefer a different challenge, just let me know and I'll set another.
April 5th, 2021  
FAV This is a gorgeous low-key selfie! You have made a masterful use of the light
April 5th, 2021  
Awesomely captured
April 5th, 2021  
Hi April! I'm happy to be your partner and I accept your challenge... :)
April 5th, 2021  
April 6th, 2021  
This is a marvelous low-key portrait. Such pretty use of the light. Fav for sure.
April 6th, 2021  
This is fabulous.
April 7th, 2021  
OMG Francesca -- I was JUST looking at photos of you that I took when I met you and then! An email popped in saying that you had looked at and commented on my photo of mine from a week or more ago. Clearly, we are on each other's minds! This self-portrait is beautifully done, so moody and so atmospheric. I hope your true mood of the moment is not reflected in this, but that instead the is an artistic creation, well done. My annual trip to Italy has been canceled again, so two years in a row, I won't be able to see you. But I'm looking forward to the time when we CAN visit again, and until then, please stay healthy and sane!

April 10th, 2021  
beautiful use of lighting.
April 12th, 2021  
@grammyn @linnypinny @kali66 @chejja @helenhall @jaybutterfield @jyokota
Thank you so much for your sweet comments...
I am fascinated by the use of light in photography and every now and then I try to experiment with it with my rudimentary gear...
April 17th, 2021  
My dear Junko, of course you are in my thoughts... The time spent together is impossible to forget and the desire to meet again is big... Despite my love for black, I continue to see life in colours and to hope! I send to you a big hug! :)
April 17th, 2021  
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