A Hole In The Wall by gerry13

A Hole In The Wall

one of the challenges i loved on my previous 365 was get pushed.Although some of the times,you get a simple challenge like shooting a landscape,other times you really get pushed!

This tme(my first since i started my new 365) i got a good one.
I was challenged to take inspiration from Yeats' poem, "the Second Coming" and more specifically from the line

"Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold"

Now for anybody who remembered me,the only way i would interpret this would be literally and picture it through one of my favourite topics,which is abandoned places.

So,this is my first response to the challenge :
cracks all around and a center which cannot hold-a hole in the wall
@northy Here's my first attempt.
I will give it another try for sure!
December 21st, 2020  
Welcome back to the get pushed challenge, Gerry!
This is a fabulous response to your challenge. (Northy always gives such great challenges)
Get pushed is my favourite challenge as well.
December 21st, 2020  
excellent! its always exciting to get a new person doing the get-pushed challenge, i dont know why more people dont do it, its always fun!
December 21st, 2020  
This is a fabulous photo in its own right with its wonderful colour and textures but also an excellent get pushed response!!
December 21st, 2020  
@farmreporter @kali66 @kjarn Thank you for your kind words.I will give it another try certainly
December 21st, 2020  
most excellent!
December 26th, 2020  
oooh! i like this... what an awesome find and great take on the challenge!

i never did manage an infrared shot... i found some tips for editing into IR, but they seemed to depend on bright sunny days and a lot of greenery, both of which have been in short supply and all my attempts just ended up looking like i'd added weird colours to an otherwise dull image... i'll have to experiment with this technique in the future though... the images i have seen online are awesome!
December 29th, 2020  
@northy No worries! That's why i gave you that challenge in the first place,cause you are good and that would indeed challenge you.

Thank you for your kind words,your challenge was also extraordinary for me and had a lot of fun working on it
December 29th, 2020  
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