frida by graemestevens


I have no idea, so it's probably not worth asking...and if you do, we all know that I won't be giving a sensible answer.
Of course,You look prettier than FridaπŸ‘Œβ€οΈπŸ‘„
November 29th, 2021  
Love the eyebrows!
November 29th, 2021  
I get it, you're craving a trip to warmer climes but, because of travel restrictions, the best you could do was to hang tropical wall paper and wear some flowers in your hair ( or rather, on your gas mask).
November 29th, 2021  
You are genius!
November 29th, 2021  
A mix between Frida and Groucho, brilliant!
November 29th, 2021  
Well that is something completely different. Great job!
November 29th, 2021  
November 29th, 2021  
Your inner you! So well done!
November 29th, 2021  
Cool, but I don't have a sensible comment.
November 29th, 2021  
@gardencat I agree with you …. Obviously
November 29th, 2021  
@joemuli Of course I do...I look at my best in a darkened room...
@mcsiegle They're just like my reals ones, only outside of the mask ;)
@gardencat I quite enjoy the colder climes thanks, but its getting warmer here anyway, especially in this get up.
@monikozi Oh stop, you know I'll blush ;)
@jacqbb And all for $5.50!
@swchappell Keeping you on your toes...
@adi314 I do get hay-fever...
@corinnec My inner me is actually red, wet and a bit drippy...
@haskar Good - I don't have a sensible answer!
@denful I wouldn't make a habit of doing that!
November 30th, 2021  
So similar! I almost thought it was her!
November 30th, 2021  
@kjarn uncanny, isn’t it?!
November 30th, 2021  
@blueberry1222 I can see why!
December 2nd, 2021  
She's everywhere these days. So demure! ;)
December 3rd, 2021  
@juliedduncan She's even on a cushion in our guest room....what will they think of next!
December 4th, 2021  
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