12: Untitled by graemestevens

12: Untitled

Hopelessly fighting the devil futility
Feeling the monster climb deeper inside of me
Feeling him gnawing my heart away hungrily
I’ll never lose this pain
Never dream of you again


And I’m done…that’s the whole album. Phew.
Thanks for your patience - if I do that again it won’t be a 12 track album!!!
To be fair though, any Cure fan will tell you that every track on the Disintegration album is the best track on the Disintegration album. But I do love this last one.
intense - and well done!
November 10th, 2023  
and such an album it is!
November 10th, 2023  
November 10th, 2023  
A very intense look. Thanks for following.
November 10th, 2023  
Well done. Great work.
November 10th, 2023  
You've got the "school administrator look" down perfectly! Ha ha ha!
November 10th, 2023  
Nice eyes!
November 10th, 2023  
It's a powerful album from such a creative band
November 10th, 2023  
A fabulous portrait
November 10th, 2023  
Great portrait
November 10th, 2023  
So compelling, and perfect for the song.
November 11th, 2023  
The eyes.... so intense its hard to look away from them
November 11th, 2023  
@christinav Look in to my eyes….
@ljmanning Thanks very much :)
@swchappell Thank you kindly :)
@corinnec Thank you very much :)
@blueberry1222 Absolutely :)
@kjarn They’re two of my favourites…
@juliedduncan I think I might use this image on my next passport…
@johnfalconer Thanks very much :)
@dkbarnett BOO!!
@koalagardens Damn straight, preach it sister ;)
@annied Thank ya ma’am :)
November 11th, 2023  
Another winner. On your advice I listened to Disintegration. Good album, it’s the first time I have listened to The Cure. I will have to go through it a couple more times.
November 11th, 2023  
Superb image
November 11th, 2023  
@denful Thanks very much :)
@cdcook48 I hope you’re not too disappointed!!!
November 11th, 2023  
this is a masterpiece.
November 14th, 2023  
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