Patterns by grammyn


As I pass between my desk in the kitchen and my computer upstairs, in a never ending pattern of studying, I pause to notice the light and shadows on the wall from the late afternoon sun. Taking a moment to capture it and reflect on all my friends on 365, l sigh and hit the books once again.
Hi there Katy! Miss you but know that you are busy busy busy. Of course, you'll have a winter holiday soon, no?
December 3rd, 2019  
@francoise finals this week thankfully and then enough time off to devote to Christmas and all its preparations!
December 3rd, 2019  
You are missed- but this is only a season and it won't last forever! Lovely shadowy capture!
December 3rd, 2019  
Something akin to stopping to smell the roses. 💐 even a brief respite can be rewarding. Only a few more months... hang in there and know that you have a multitude of supporters!
December 3rd, 2019  
Good that you paused Katy, lovely shadow patterns.At least soon you will have the long awaited break I am sure you need it too :-)

December 3rd, 2019  
Missing you, love that you pop in occasionally and then do a classic Katy shot!! Holidays soon (vacation break) so hope you and your brain get some down time
December 3rd, 2019  
You are missed, Katy...
Enjoy your coming break.
December 3rd, 2019  
@olivetreeann how nice of you Ann. the end is definitely in sight. Thanks for the comment
@wyomingsis it is nice to come up occasionally for air. Thanks for all the support
@ludwigsdiana So glad you like the photo Diana. I am looking forward to the break.
@30pics4jackiesdiamond ah, Jackie how nice of you to say. Looking forward to the down time!
@gijsje that is so nice of you bep. Thank you so much and I surely will
December 5th, 2019  
I hope you are really enjoying your quest for learning new - and not missing out on life - at our age which is pretty good!
December 7th, 2019  
@maggiemae I am enjoying a little of my journey but am also missing out a little on life right now too! It will be over soon though.
December 10th, 2019  
nice shadow shots and good luck with your studies. i know you'll do very well.
January 6th, 2020  
@summerfield thank for everything, friend
January 7th, 2020  
Katy!!!!! Both phone and computer have been replaced and it seems your email is a casualty!!! Please send me details so that I can update you! Much love, big hugs xxx thank goodness once again for 365! So happy to see you find time to post!
March 1st, 2020  
@ruthmouch You have been in my thoughts often but school leaves me little time for recration at the moment. I need to study for a final today and hope to catch up with your postings tomorrow. Email to follow soon ♥
March 1st, 2020  
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