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Year 12 and I can hardly remember before I started this great project, I have learnt so much over the last decade or so, if only the way I look at the world.
I think the main thing that I've gained from 365 though are the wonderful friends I have made on this website and feeling part of a great community. There is always someone who will go out of their way to help you with any photography queries that you may have.

The background is still the same; married to Harry, retired dairy farmers, used to run a B&B but downsized in 2020.
We have two sons whose families are both farming in New Zealand and a daughter whose family live 5 miles away.
We live in Lancashire in the UK.

I might not post every day in my twelfth year but I know that I say that every year and I still manage to post most days.

I will love your suggestions and comments but my main aim, as in the last twelve years, is to record my daily life in photos. Even if the photo isn't technically that good - if I like it, I will still post it!

Update 2023: Year twelve and I am still here! Nothing much changed so will carry on as before!