Любитель-2 by hmgphotos


I finally own a twin lens reflex camera!!! *happy dance*

My vintage Lubitel-2 just arrived today from the Ukraine. It's not perfect (then again, it is older than me) and from my research seems to be one of earlier models (1950s-1960s). It seems like F11-22 apertures do not work (can't get the lever to budge). F4.5-8 are fine, though. Shutter speeds seem on key. I guess what I have left to do is load up some film and just give it a whirl! Also maybe read up on good aperture/shutter combos (I'll admit it, I'm spoiled by not having to think with my Holga!)

More info on this awesome Soviet camera: http://www.sovietcams.com/index.php?-766027877

Taken with a Nikon D300, Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 lens
Very cool
September 11th, 2010  
cool indeed!
September 11th, 2010  
Cool camera, nice capture
September 11th, 2010  
I want to see it, in-person. :-)
September 11th, 2010  
really great shot--and that camera is so cool!
September 11th, 2010  
Great Shot & Great Camera
September 11th, 2010  
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