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Starting Year 2 as of January 1, 2016. Still a lot to learn but looking forward to improving! This is a wonderful community and I have gotten so much support and help! Love 365! By no means a professional just love the challenge photography has presented.

Get pushed challenges so far:
photo that explains where you live
reflection or shadow
photos from daily life
still life
abstract with color
a book-4 shots with 4 different perspectives and 4 different photo techniques
food photo good enough for advertisement or cookbook (finals)
architectural element in black and white (finals)
panning shot
shot with negative space with something yellow in it
photo from an ant's pov
macro of a bug
yin yang photo
in-camera multiple exposure
light trails
photo showing strong emotion
photo of choice of something that brings you joy or helps you escape
a house that means something to you
Intentional Camera Movement
architectural elements
self portrait - 2
water presented in a colorful way
shoot from as high as possible
photo in the style of a photographer who inspires you
Freddie in action
it's all done with mirrors
focus in foreground blur in background or vice versa
big & little
something you wouldn't expect to find in yellow
a shot like @northy
photo featuring healthy eating
in the style of another 365er
photograph a staircase
historic photograph
light a ball shaped object to bring out it's 3 dimensional qualities