"Make hay while the sun shines" by jenbo

"Make hay while the sun shines"

Summer evening a few weeks ago.
I don't understand why the cotton reel type bales have replaced the traditional oblong ones. Surely the old fashioned ones would be easier to stack???
Maybe someone can enlighten me?
Easier to move one of these with a tractor than manually lift 20 or so traditional bales, which must be the equivalent, into two stacks, then lift each stack onto a trailer, before ofloading onto a haystack in a barn. Round bales are wrapped and stored in foeld edges. Another job gone though - "bale carting" was a staple summer holday job when I was a student! Nice framing.
August 14th, 2022  
@shepherdman So interesting.Thank you for explaining that.
Being brought up in a Somerset village, my father used to have to help with the haymaking, as did any other able bodied boys in the village.
August 14th, 2022  
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