To zip or not to zip by jesika2

To zip or not to zip

That is the question. The proboscis of a butterfly or moth, assuming it has one as not all lepidoptera do, is in 2 halves when in the chrysalis. Shortly after eclosion (emergence) they zip together to form a tube through which the insect feeds. This male Brimstone, less than 5 minutes old, is inflating his wings by pumping haemolymph from his abdomen into the wing veins and also busily zipping the 2 halves of his proboscis together.
The answer to HIS question is yes, the zipping worked.
Super clarity x
November 9th, 2019  
oh that's so clear!
November 10th, 2019  
Fabulous detail
November 10th, 2019  
Amazing close up.
November 12th, 2019  
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