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12 May 2021. Gosh, I've finally reached 100% only taken almost 3.5 years.

Jan 1 2021.
3 years now and still not 100% complete. It’s becoming increasingly obvious that I am less than fully committed to this project.
Second time round and I've managed a whole year, MUCH longer than I lasted in 2017!.
Tried again starting 1 Jan 2018 and now, midway through August 2019 I've crawled through 63%.
I'm having serious doubts about my ability to produce an even semi decent photo.
I am fascinated by insect photography, tried many times to leave close-up/macro behind but always return.
I live in York, an ancient city in Yorkshire (England).
2019 is ending soon, for many it already has.
I've managed 2 years and a magnificent 70% of my project. Must try harder, says the school report.
If only my camera would record what I see.