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Time for an update. I live on the Central Coast of Oregon. I think I began in 2012 and took one year off. Maybe it was 2013. In any case I’ve been part of this community for 11 years or so. I love the support I get here and the friendships I’ve made. I’ve noticed as my photography skills and eye improve, my greatest wish is for thoughtful critique. I know we are all busy and critique takes more time than a quick “great shot” but I long for more critique to help me grow and improve. If there are those that would like to reciprocate, please let me know and I will do my best to offer thoughtful critique knowing I will get the same in exchange.
My plan for 2024 is to shoot and post fairly regularly but not obsessively. Often I will go for a shoot and post photos from that shoot over days or even weeks.
To see photos I've had on PP since April, 2013, and thanks to Alexis go to