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2020 - The path we follow is impossible to imagine when we first embark. It's even harder, sometimes, in the moment we arrive. Here's the travelogue I'll wish that I had kept.
P.S. there's a puppy now. There will be puppy pics. Unfollow now ...

2016- I slacked in posting everyday in 2015 but took a picture everyday, nonetheless. Recommitted to posting everyday, cause I missed it, truly, and because I agreed to do it ( @lifepause :) This project is a lifestream for me and the folks here, a blessing. Thank you for being a part of this and for sharing. It's gonna be a great year!

2015- New camera, new year and, still, hope :)
Have learned a great deal these last 2 years and met some outstanding folks! Love to see the great captures and words every day in my feed. Couldn't give this up now and hope to improve as I go along.

Camera - Nikon D3200 (thanks @lifepause !) plus phone

2013 - New camera, new year and new hope.
Am very much looking forward to the challenge!
A hopeful eye behind a lens searching for the inspiration with
365 - just a bit more than a full circle
Here's to finding the starting point at the end and just a bit farther

Camera - Nikon J1 - just getting through the manual may take a year :)