This Is a Secular Story by kevin365

This Is a Secular Story

We wander, aimlessly.

Speakin with the people that we hope will be

Arrive at a place where we almost seem to have it together

But the truth says never.


When what we've known can't be accepted

We struggle with the Truth
That we know can't be neglected.

So we offer up ourselves
knowing what will come.
Accepting where we are
knowing where we're from

And, this is the insanity,
It isn't vanity
We console the people
Who are hurt by the what will be


By our decision...


We suffer, silently

We rage, openly

We die to this decision
And then, it's done.

And we have moved on.

And the stone is removed
We are no longer there.
It just a vacancy

Praises Be
Thanks for this version - I feel it!
April 3rd, 2021  
@lifepause Thanks for the encouragement, LOML 💓
April 3rd, 2021  
man, been a while since I checked in on your project. You words are always so poignant. I really connected with:
We suffer, silently
We rage, openly

June 7th, 2021  
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