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I took my first long break after 7 years in June/July/August - apparently I lost my mojo (and was busy with home renovations) but now I’m back.
Let's see how that goes.

2016 Update

Seriously time I updated my blurb. .....
I have certainly learned a lot since I started here 4 years ago. 365ers are so motivating, friendly and just inspiring. Thank you all for your encouragement.

Having just recently retired, i apparently have even more time to indulge my photography obsession.HMMMM... Well I do have more camera gear, more time and more enthusiasm and a tad few more skills. I know a little more about myself, about making photos and editing (though still in early stages.) I shoot manual in RAW plus Jpeg (I like hedging my bets especially when on the move) I also have to remember that travel is about enjoying the experience as well so occasionally I will put the camera away. As the other half of the travelling Bulls, Leicester, mentions quite often - he does not mind waiting whilst I take the photo, but he gets tired of me waiting for the statue to smile!). My answer to that was to buy him a camera too.

I have just started a travel blog to record the sights, experiences and personal perspectives of our next trip. Visiting family and friends and exploring new parts of the world are some of the 'planned' aspects of the journey - the rest is still a mystery. No doubt I will be making the most of the plenty of photo opportunities I will find. Let the journey of the Travelling Bulls commence! Check it out if interested www.mytb.org/thebullseye

I joined 365 project to learn more about photography, about myself and especially about the cameras I am currently using. Although I have always been keen on photography, it seems I have forgotten more then I ever learnt. Very keen to be re-inspired and motivated by others far more talented than myself. I am planning a trip to Europe later this year and am determined to be even more ready and competent to capture great images of my travels. Loving what I see so far..... Let my learning journey commence!