Look closely at this young Robin and you can just begin to see, the very first signs of his future red breast.

Shortly after taking today images, I went out cycling for a couple of hours.
Highlight was seeing a weasel !!!
It was running across the road.
But there wasn't just one, it must have been a family group !!!
There was at least SEVEN of them !!!!!!!!
They ran across the road in front of me, the first four reaching the far side and disappeared into the hedgerow.
The other three reached the middle of the road, must have seen me coming, stopped, then turned around and vanished back into the side they had originally come from.

You normally see one, occasionally two, I seem to have a vague recollection from a long way back of seeing three at once, but never ever dreamed I would ever see SEVEN Weasels together.

Another of todays posts here.....
Great detail on this cute little fellow!
July 9th, 2020  
Excellent capture
July 9th, 2020  
great focus
July 9th, 2020  
A beautiful capture. Fav!! 😀
July 9th, 2020  
So tiny 🐦
July 9th, 2020  
"but never ever dreamed I would ever see SEVEN Weasels together. "
I guess you're not involved in politics.
July 9th, 2020  
Cute and fluffy.
July 9th, 2020  
so lovely
July 9th, 2020  
Lovely shot
July 9th, 2020  
Awwww how cute
July 10th, 2020  
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