Our area has already been banned, because of high corvid rates from visiting Wales, and on Friday all of Wales is entering another 17 day strict lockdown, so I probably won't be swimming from here again any time some.
My normal entry point is just out of shot, inshore of that blue canoe. At high tides, it is possible to swim through the channels between those two little islands, so a couple of loops there then head out across the bay. I head for that black spot beneath the lighthouse, its a very large broken cave. Sometimes turning around there, other times rounding the next yellow point to get into the " blue lagoon", as its known to local fishermen, directly below the lighthouse.
Apart from the obvious dangers of swimming in deep water, it is quite safe as the only currents, ( and quite strong ones at that ), run across a long way off the front or other side of the light house.
If you look carefully you might just be able to see a line of " white horses" marking the currents.
The high cliffs are also very useful in creating a calm area when high winds prevent swimming elsewhere.

Another post showing a view back into the bay is here.........
Beautiful scenery.Fav.😊
October 20th, 2020  
This is fantastic
October 20th, 2020  
stunning shot
October 21st, 2020  
October 29th, 2020  
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