COMMON GULL by markp


Easily spotted with their yellow legs and bill. This is one of last years babies, by late spring his head will be all white as an adult.
Despite their name, they are not Britains commonest gull species.

Another of todays posts here ........
Great shot, so nice to see how they go thought he changes.
January 13th, 2021  
I find the tiny birds more appealing than this gull. The tiny one's make me think how fragile they are, make me wonder what it's going on through their little heads. Whereas i don't get such thoughts when i look away this gull. I wonder why.
January 13th, 2021  
January 13th, 2021  
@monikozi Maybe it is just a size thing. How something so small and apparently fragile, gets on with life amidst all the perils and dangers they face.
January 16th, 2021  
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