The last few days, it seems as though all the birders up here are on a fruitless quest to find summering Black Throated Divers. A very rare, secretive and elusive bird, and also prone to being easily disturbed while breeding. I keep getting asked about them.
This picture was taken at a fairly well known, supposed breeding spot for them. I hadn't come here for the divers, but other things like todays Meadow Pipit.
I was lucky enough in March while photographing a tree in a blizzard, to have a Black Throated Diver, fly extremely close, and right past me. I hadn't disturbed it, he was just on his way up the loch.
So on Wednesday, it was very windy, but sunny. So I found a spot on one of the numerous little beaches that surround the loch, tucked down out of the wind, and pretty well camouflaged. I got comfy and waited, for something to come wandering down the loch shore looking for food. Often in strong winds birds seem to prefer to walk into the wind. It worked and I got several interesting shots, which will appear on here shortly.
The road that goes up one side of the loch is just off to my right, and I heard a car go past.
It pulled over a bit further up and I heard the car doors slam shut. Then a woman appeared behind that bush, and ducked down, then this man appeared, with his binoculars, watching me for ages. I think he must have been checking on what I was so interested in. Maybe a Black Throated Diver. No it wasn't.
I thought, if you want to stare at me through your binoculars, I can take your picture. Which I did.
I did have one thought though.
Surely if you were coming out birding, for a very shy, and easily disturbed bird you wouldn't wear something that would be fine for a winter trip looking for Snowy Owls ?
But this isn't the end of my story.
I heard them get back into their car and drive off.
A few minutes later, I heard another car stop, this one behind me. The door opened and closed quietly. A couple of minutes later, I heard a noise behind me and looked around.
Another birder, more appropriately dressed, had crawled on his belly, through the long grass, carrying a telescope. He said excitedly, "what are you watching "?
" Oh, just a Dunlin", I replied, "it keeps coming very close to me, I have got some very nice shots."
" Oh!"
And I could hear the disappointment in his voice. " I was hoping you were going to say a Diver !"
"Sorry not today."
"Okay thanks" and he crawled off quietly backwards.
I ended up with quite a few nice images and had a very good day. Not sure about the others though.

Another of todays posts here.......
Oh Mark, that's hilarious, really made me laugh - snowy owls! So annoying though when you've sat so long waiting and someone comes along and disturbs them all. I have a friend, who, whenever we're on a trip anywhere together, as soon as she sees me pointing my camera somewhere, she stands right behind me pointing her phone in the same direction.
May 19th, 2022  
Going out looking for a particular bird can be so frustrating, best to just wait patiently for whatever nature sends you on any given day.
May 20th, 2022  
did you look at each other? so funny.
May 20th, 2022  
May 20th, 2022  
Heheeee.... this is funny
May 20th, 2022  
I love this narrative. It really made me smile. I can't understand how people can spend loads of money on a set of bins but don't think of getting the right clothing. It is nice though when you meet a fellow photographer who knows how to approach without causing a disturbance
May 20th, 2022  
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