This is woke! by mastermek

This is woke!

Until the beginning of this year, these cookies were called 'Jewish cookies' or ‘Jodenkoeken’ in Dutch. It is said that it was a Jewish baker from Amsterdam or Enkhuizen who first made the cookies around 1872.

The new name 'Odekoeken' would do more justice to the current zeitgeist, according to the current producer. It should also be noted that there was little resistance from public against the original name.

Nice and safe. This way at least the Jews can't take any offense. Meanwhile, we simply deny the origin of the cookie. I don't really know which is worse.
personally I am done with WOKE!!!
November 23rd, 2021  
@brillomick Me too. The new woke however stands for an overcompensated urge to do good. Kind of payback, so to speak. I like that.
November 23rd, 2021  
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