Is the Internet a Psychological Time Bomb? by naomi

Is the Internet a Psychological Time Bomb?

Erm... I would say no!

I went to a conference in London today with Young Minds as a VIK (Very Important Kid). Stood up in front of some psychiatrists, CAMHs workers, charity workers and others to talk about mental health and the internet which was scary!

After lunch there were workshops and I was the young representative in one of them and I think I did fairly well at getting my point across. I strongly disagreed with some things that were said and tried to give a young person's perspective on it. Others in the group agreed with me and one said 'well done, that needed to be said', so hopefully it was okay!

I've also got 2 more contacts, one who could be particularly useful for ETF! Woop! :D

(oh if you want to see anything on the conference, #morelikeajungle on Twitter :))
Great capture
November 20th, 2012  
See if this is in line with what you had to say:
November 21st, 2012  
The answer is yes, and a metaphysical one as well
November 21st, 2012  
What does metaphysical mean , sorry? @peterdegraaff
@byrdlip to be honest, we were talking more about social media then video games, and specifically about mental illness, so I couldn't really comment!
November 27th, 2012  
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