Sponsored By Tissues by naomi

Sponsored By Tissues

Today is sponsored by tissues because my cold has apparently turned into what feels like Sinusitus. I didn't get up until lunchtime which is veryyyyyyy unlike me (13-14 hours sleep), but I've managed to nip to the post office, clean the house and change the sheets. I shouldn't have done any of these things but the energy involved in fighting the thoughts in my head felt like more energy than just giving in and cleaning everything. Sigh. One day I'll be able to fight them I hope...

Also I was wondering why I'd had a few bugs over the last few weeks when I didn't last year and I'm supposedly healthier now but then I realised it was because when I was particularly poorly I basically didn't leave the house so wouldn't have had chance to come into contact with any bugs...
Nice simplistic shot. I hope you start to feel better soon
January 26th, 2019  
Hope you feel better soon. It's doing the rounds here :-(
January 26th, 2019  
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