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Hi, my name is Nichola and I live in beautiful New Zealand. I’m originally from the UK but have lived in NZ for 14 years (as at Nov 2022). I’m English born (Wiltshire), Welsh bred (South Wales), Kiwi adopted (Waikato).

Update February 2022. I'm into my 7th year on 365 and still loving it. I really enjoy seeing the beautiful work produced by the 365 community - so much inspiration and so many lovely, friendly, helpful people here. I post as often as I can, although not necessarily with a photo taken on the day it's posted. I really, really appreciate every view, comment and fav of my photos and try to reciprocate whenever I can (which is definitely not as often as I would like).

January 2015. A friend recommended I join 365 Project because she thought it would help me learn how to use all the buttons and dials on my camera and to improve my photography. I feel I've come such a long way since then!

My profile picture is a selfie reflection in my daughter's eye.

I've completed a Diploma in Photography while I've been on this site and for my final assignment I had to produce a website. If you'd like a look you can find it at: www.nicholaclarephotography.co.nz.