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Hi everyone. I've been living in beautiful New Zealand for 12 years (as of Nov 2020) but am originally from the UK. I'm English born (Wiltshire), Welsh bred (South Wales), Kiwi adopted (Waikato).

August 2019 - wow, yet again two years have gone by since my last update. Unfortunately I'm not able to participate in the 365 community as much as I used to, or would like to. However, I'm still posting as regularly as I can, although not necessarily with a pic taken on the day it's posted to. Still loving (obsessed with!) my photography and currently trying to improve my skills by doing a Diploma in Photography through distance learning which, at my current speed, is likely to take me 3 years to complete. And maybe one day I'll have time to be able to fully participate here once more. In the meantime I'm still really enjoying seeing the awesome images that are posted on here.

Another Update - June 2017. I can't believe almost two years have passed since my last update - it's flown by so quickly. I'm still here although unfortunately not participating as much as I would like to. I had a break from uploading (although still took photos every day) from Nov 2016 to Apr 2017 but have since filled in the gaps with photos I took during that time. So as not to flood my followers' feeds with my backfilling I put a lot on with restricted viewing. I've since opened my favorites up to public viewing.

Update July 2015. I'm 50% of the way through my project and have really enjoyed taking and uploading my photos over the last few months. I've also loved looking at the amazing and beautiful photos that people put on here - there are some mega talented people on 365. I've been using the project to learn about my camera and I feel I have come a long way but definitely have further to go. I have moved from shooting everything in auto to using only manual. I'm very grateful to everyone who has viewed, commented on and fav'd my photos - I know it can be quite time consuming and we all have very busy lives so I've really appreciated your support.

January 2015. A friend recommended I join 365 project because she thought it would help me learn how to use all the buttons and dials on my camera and to improve my photography. Having looked at many of the stunning photos other people have uploaded it's a daunting prospect to upload my own efforts for public viewing.

My profile picture is a selfie in my daughter's eye.