Cocoa Marshmallow by pandorasecho

Cocoa Marshmallow

Today Miss D was missing having classmates, so after her class had a zoom assembly with the Mountain School kids, she started playing school with her horse being the teacher, and the penguin being the naughty student. After class she decided the student had been too naughty to leave the work sitting around, so I found three tightly balled pieces of paper in the “burn box” by the woodstove.

“Grandma, draw a picture of Bella, she’s the teacher.” So I drew the horse and wrote “Bella.”
Then the penguin “Cocoa Marshmallow” was feeling naughty and wrote “poop” on the teacher’s picture. I told Daisy I could fix it and turned the “poop” into the eyes and headphones of a penguin. And wrote the penguin’s name. So the penguin wrote “Go Away” by the teacher’s name. The teacher wrote “F-“ on the picture
Then the teacher got hard core and told the student it was going to have to get to work, and gave it a 1+?=10 problem
It should have been ok, but that saucy penguin wrote 1+poop=10
So then the teacher corrected it and gave it a D-
So the teacher tried art, and got drawing paper and a brown marker. The penguin drew “poop man” and was given a Z minus minus minus to infinity and a 7 hour time out.
Enjoyed your narrative!
November 24th, 2020  
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