24.07.12 by roachling


Too hot and sunny for me today so I stayed inside all day! Noticed these jackdaws on my neighbour's chimney this afternoon looking very shocked, I wonder what they had seen?!
Great expressions - they do look startled! And that blue sky makes the perfect background!
July 25th, 2012  
I love their surprised little faces - lovely white-rimmed eyes they have.
July 25th, 2012  
I just adore jackdaws. Their little blue eyes and their intelligence. You have captured this busy bright little bird perfectly. They look like the young replying to their mum.
July 25th, 2012  
These are young ones, I saw them fledging a few weeks ago! It was very hot, they were just sitting there panting to cool down. There were 5 of them, all doing it!
July 25th, 2012  
haha they have seen the sun!
July 25th, 2012  
Awesome capture
July 25th, 2012  
Fave! Love this!
July 25th, 2012  
Perhaps there was a cool draught up their backsides and they're saying 'Aaaaaaaaah'. Great capture.
July 26th, 2012  
Perhaps they are watching the other birds doing an airshow with amazing loops and stuff ;-) Great shot Louise!
July 28th, 2012  
Nice shot, great clarity :) They stand out nicely against the blue sky !
September 11th, 2012  
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