End of the Commute by robv

End of the Commute

Rainbow on the way home Friday evening, 60 miles and 2.5 hours. The pot of gold was pulling into the driveway!
Great shot!! Rainbows are sooo beautiful
October 4th, 2010  
I love rainbows. Great capture.
October 4th, 2010  
The silver lining! Nice shot!
October 4th, 2010  
How awesome to have the rainbow stop at your house. Did you have to fend off Leprechauns?
October 4th, 2010  
@bradsworld No Leprechauns but I did have to fend off some Trolls on the drive home. ;)
October 4th, 2010  
Wow that's a long time to do 60 miles! You sure deserve a rainbow (and a pot of gold) for your patience!
October 4th, 2010  
Beautiful! One of the things I really wanted to capture this summer but never did!
October 5th, 2010  
Nice one!!
October 6th, 2010  
Oh my -- what an AWFUL commute time !!!! Is this your "normal" commute time -- I hope not. I can understand WHY the "pot of gold" is finally making it home and into the welcoming embrace of your own driveway. I think that once home I would not want to ever drive out of it again.....lol....
October 7th, 2010  
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