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I now have an on-line shop selling Greeting Cards made from my photos. https://etsy.com/uk/shop/PhotoArtByChantal so I don't have so much time now to upload every day. I am also finding it difficult to get out with my camera with my new pup Cody who is huge and a bit boisterous with other dogs!

Hi, I live in Leicestershire, England and my name is Chantal.

From my 365 name, you are right in thinking that I might be Shepherdman's wife. I am. He has been trying to persuade me to join him in 365 for the past year or so. So, here I am at last! Hello....
I can't take a photo everyday though as I am far too busy.... I will post daily photos when I can, but would like to share photos that I have already taken, to fill the gaps.

So, if you have been following Shepherdman you will have seen lots of photos of our dogs, so I am starting with one of our cats.