FCI At Night by timerskine

FCI At Night

This is a shot of Chesterfield County Airport (FAA airport code FCI) after dark. This shot was taken just outside the perimeter fence (like less than 5 feet outside).

The bright red lights on the left are the glide slope indicator (GSI) lights which tell the pilot if they are coming in too low, too high, or at just the right angle. There are different types of GSI, but on this type, when the GSI is all red, you're coming in too low (so standing on the ground, I'm too low to land on the runway). If they are all white, you're too high to land safely. Half red and half white indicates the pilot is on slope to land.

Just to the right of the GSI is runway 33. It's 5,500 feet long and 100 feet wide.

All of the purple-blue lights are taxiway lights, lighting the paths between the runway and the terminal and hangars.

All the bright lights to the right are the terminal and some of the hangars. The bright greenish light above them is the airport beacon, which rotates. It alternates between white and green lights, which tells pilots that it is a lighted land airport (this was a long exposure shot which is why the light is neither green nor white here).

Nice one Tim. f/14.0 makes for some nice star patterns on the lights. :-)
November 4th, 2020  
Like the starbursts!
November 4th, 2020  
Nice capture of the lights.
November 4th, 2020  
I really like the composition!
November 5th, 2020  
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