US Army Elk - Resupplied by timerskine

US Army Elk - Resupplied

(My first picture of one of the GI Elk was on July 10: )

One day a couple of years ago I had to take an alternate route home from work due to an accident on the interstate. This route took me past Defense Supply Center Richmond (DSCR), a military supply depot. As I passed the far end of DSCR, I saw several deer grazing and then realized they weren't deer, they were ELK! And they were inside the base perimeter.

When I got home I Googled "DSCR elk" and found a couple of articles. The US War Department (now Department of Defense) purchased 600 acres from the estate of James Bellwood to build an armory. Bellwood had his own elk herd on the property, and his family sold the land on the agreement that the government would care for the herd. They were good on their word and have been caring for them ever since.

Bellwood started his herd in 1900, so they have resided here for 120 years. And from the looks of this picture, they resupply on their own!

You can read more about them at
An interesting and probably unknown story! Super focus!
December 2nd, 2020  
What a nice story and awesome capture.
December 2nd, 2020  
Super-informative narrative, excellent capture
December 2nd, 2020  
A government who keeps their word--who knew? So interesting and such beautiful creatures
December 2nd, 2020  
Tim, I do find the information about your photos so interesting. You certainly seem to do your research! I just hope that they don't use them for target practice 😱
December 2nd, 2020  
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