Three-Lined Skink: Top View by timerskine

Three-Lined Skink: Top View

The Missus and I were out working in our yard today. We have discovered we are a haven for skinks of all sizes (both broad-headed and three-lined). This one was a little guy...about 4 inches / 10 cm.

The bright blue tail is thought to be a defense mechanism. If attacked by something that wants to eat it (like our terrier, Banjo), the brightly colored tail will be a more visible target than the far more important head, chest and abdomen. But, of course, the tails of a lot of lizards are detachable, but then they regenerate...they grow a new one!

This is the top-down view, and in my Eclectica album for today there is a profile view.
Never seen one like this, a blue
July 26th, 2021  
Nice shot
July 27th, 2021  
Never heard of skinks before - they look interesting.
July 27th, 2021  
Great capture
July 27th, 2021  
Saw one last year near a stream in Ohio. They are really pretty.
July 28th, 2021  
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