April 29th Hinton Ampner by valpetersen

April 29th Hinton Ampner

My challenge this week is to gather 5 objects that are separate but related and tell a story of their own
Have to confess I didn't actually arrange these, but they were too adorable not to capture
Hi Anne @365anne here's my first response to your challenge. I'll try some arrangements of my own over the weekend!
April 29th, 2021  
Haha, I love that Val!! I too would have to have included that is the challenge. I wonder what they are talking about....... Great story here
April 29th, 2021  
Hi Val, I am your partner this week. the challenge i had in mind was to frame up a street shot and wait for somebody to walk into it, eg. using some patch of light and shade, look down an alley way and wait for someone to go by for framing or a poster for your subject to ''interact'' with . If however you are not getting out much still how about observing birds in your garden and anticipating a shot of those instead?
May 2nd, 2021  
@365anne thanks Anne, I didnt get round to arranging my own 5 objects, but came across a couple of interesting things whilst weeding the garden this morning. Hoping to find a few more! Will definitely have another try at your challenge : )
May 3rd, 2021  
@kali66 great shallenge, thankyou. I'm doubtful having opportunity to catch a framed street photo, but we have plenty of birds using the feeder and bird bath, so fingers crossed for that one!
May 3rd, 2021  
I love this pair and photograph them every time i visit HA!!
May 8th, 2021  
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