A few weeks back I did a post on the Top 10 DSLR Cameras used on 365 Project, todays post was intended to be a top 10 list of the point and shoot cameras used, after looking at the raw data and being extremely confused by the 10 million different camera models, I decided to take a more generic look at the data.

The following list is compiled of the brands of point and shoot cameras instead. Any surprises for you?

Top 10 Point and Shoot Camera Brands

1) Canon 34%
2) Sony 14%
3) Apple iPhone 11%
4) Nikon 9%
5) Fujifilm 8%
6) Panasonic 8%
7) Kodak 7%
8) Blackberry 4%
9) Samsung 4%
10) Motorola 1%

What does this tell us?

In the last post I pondered the thought that Nikon may make up some ground in the point and shoot market, but they are well down there in 4th place, I couldn't believe it! What are they doing wrong?
The Sony was a surprising entry in 2nd place, as generally they are a little pricier than some of the others on the list, obviously there reputation for quality is helping keep them near the top.

I guess the biggest surprise for me are the 3 Camera phone entries on the list, the iPhone in 3rd place just goes to show the impact the device is having on the world, a few years ago Apple didn't even make a camera! Then we have the Blackberry in 8th and Motorola (Droid) coming in 10th place.

Panasonic are doing well in 6th place, given a few more years and I should think they will be on the move.

What are your views on these results? Surprised that anyone is missing? Has this helped you choose your next camera?

posted July 5th, 2010
i too am surprised by nikon being in 4th. my point and shoot is a nikon and i adore it. i would never purchase a point and shoot that wasn't nikon or canon, myself.
and iphones can take some AMAZING photos...especially like the hipstamatic app.
posted July 5th, 2010
i agree with kelly. i love my nikon
posted July 5th, 2010
I'm surprised by Nikon too!
It seems that every person I know owns a Nikon Coolpix camera. I see them everywhere! And I don't know too many people with Canon P&S.

Cool data none the less though
posted July 6th, 2010
It is surprising. I love my Olympus and it didn't even make the list.
posted July 6th, 2010
Where are the Nikonians on 365??? Sigh, since when are we a minority?
posted July 6th, 2010
I use a canon point & shoot or my Nikon DSLR :)
posted July 6th, 2010
I use panasonic and I love it their point and shoot are value for money......I hope they come up soon!
posted July 6th, 2010
I'm also surprised by the lack of Nikons. I love mine!
posted July 6th, 2010
I was surprised at Nikon taking 4th place at first, but then again, a lot of the people on 365 are amateur photographers and are only doing this for fun, so maybe that's why only 9% of the people here are using Nikon..?

But I do agree with Reid Davis - when did Nikons become a minority?!
posted July 6th, 2010
i'm a nikon coolpix person too :) i was looking forward to this chart!
posted July 6th, 2010
I'm actually shocked to see the number of phones on the list! I'm one of the Sony's coming in at #2 with a CyberShot :).
posted July 6th, 2010
I'm also a Sony CyberShot and it's a great little P&S. After using only film (in my Minolta SLR) for so many years I'm a bit disappointed that it blurs at the slightist movement.
posted July 6th, 2010
I'm surprised that Nikon's in 4th. I've always heard Nikon was amazing... I was even gonna buy a new Nikon DSLR... should i not? :P
posted July 7th, 2010
I love my Canon! :]
posted July 7th, 2010
I just got my Nikon D5000 and love it.
posted July 7th, 2010
Olympus didn't even make the list ...
posted July 7th, 2010
I love my Canon so I guess I'm not surprised they are at the top but I am surprised by how much!! That's a big drop until the #2. My husband and I have the same exact camera too and his pictures are at least ten times better than mine so I have to say the camera isn't always the reason.... ;)
posted July 7th, 2010
I think my olympus point and shoot is pretty good - Stylus Tough 6000. Except it got dark spots on the screen/photos and it's going back for warrenty repair tomorrow :( I only have left my Sony P&S which I am not pleased with and after only two years got a strange mind of it's own and doesn't like to focus correctly anymore let alone switch modes on it's own.
posted July 7th, 2010
I use my Samsung Behold 2, for a five mega pixel camera, it takes awesome pictures.
posted July 7th, 2010
I love my iPhone! And now I have the new one, so I get to enjoy 5MP. Over half my project is shot with iPhone. My "real" Point and Shoot isn't on here, but that doesn't suprise me since it's a Leica. Leicas are amazing, but also a bit more rare and expensive. And I love my Nikon D90 for DSLR shots. But really, my project is mostly iPhone. :-)
posted July 7th, 2010
I have a Nikon Coolpix too, but I started my project with a samsung. I am suprised about the iphone being 3rd!
posted July 7th, 2010
This is really interesting!! I have a Canon...but I'm sure the others work just as fine.
posted July 7th, 2010
I have a Nikon Coolpix P&S as well as a Nikon 5000 dSLR, but my 365 project is being shot with my Blackberry Tour...I seem to have it on my person a lot more regularly than either of my cameras! :-)
posted July 7th, 2010
That actually surprises me that the Nikon is in 4th!

but it's kind of cool to see what tools we're using :)

cool beans
posted July 7th, 2010
I'm down there at #7 with my Kodak Easyshare, I was actually kind of surprised that they weren't further up the list. Mine doesn't take great photos but they're inexpensive and easy to use.

Hoping to get a Nikon soon though.
posted July 8th, 2010
Wow I own an Olympus Evolt which I love, didn't even see that on the list! It's not surprising to see the camera phones on there, although I don't think they take that great of a picture.
posted July 8th, 2010
I use sony. not by choice but i still like it. but I'm hoping for a nikon for christmas:)
posted July 8th, 2010
I use Nikon and Iphone, surprised the iphone beat all of Nikons. I'm also really surprised Nikon isn't higher in general. Last 3 shoots I've been to and looking around at the zoo, I'm seeing more Nikons then anything else, maybe I'm brain washed to see only Nikon now IDK.... I knew canon would be number one though.

Cool stats though, thanks for sharing!
posted July 8th, 2010
I've had a couple of Olympus point and shoots and am not surprised to see they didn't make the top 10. I was never happy with any of them. I did own an Evolt DSLR that I absolutely loved, so go figure. For point/shoot purposes now I use my Droid- it does a fantastic job.
posted July 8th, 2010
lot of iphone users around and i guess that sony-ericcsson phones count as sony also
posted July 8th, 2010
posted July 8th, 2010
i shoot with my Nikon! i think the reason is that people don't get to bring the large dslr cameras. i have a Nikon D80 but most of the photos in my project are taken via my camera phone. :)
posted July 11th, 2010
Wow, I am suprised that Olympus didn't make it on the list at all. I had an Olympus E-Volt before my Canon Rebel and I LOVED IT! Unfortunately it was stolen with about a $1000 dollars worth of other stuff. That is the only reason that I bought my Canon. I love it, but in my opinion, my Olympus was a better camera. Just couldn't afford a new one!
posted July 11th, 2010
im sorry but im a nikon only fan!!! i loves my d300s!!!!
posted July 11th, 2010
Nikon rocks! :)
posted July 11th, 2010
Well I am glad that Kodak (The Great Yellow God of Rochester) is on the list! As a past and sometimes current user of Rangefinder 35mm cameras, I do like the P&S style. I would just like to find a good P&S that offered a full gamut of manual control that cost less than a major body part!
posted July 13th, 2010
I love my Nikon P&S!!! I looked at all the brands in my price range, and the Nikon was definitely the best option. Having a Nikon previously that I was pleased with, I decided to go with the Nikon again! And I love it! Wouldn't change it for the world! I am pretty suprised they are such a small percentage!
posted July 13th, 2010
I'm one of the few that use a Fujifilm! I'd love a nice Cannon or Nikon though!
posted July 14th, 2010
I'm a little surprised that Blackberry even made the list. Yes, they're ubiquitous, but man, does the camera on my Blackberry Storm suck.
posted July 14th, 2010
Happy with my Fujifilm. So versatile and easy!
posted July 16th, 2010
im surprised by sony. i have a sony and, ive had soooooooo many problems. my other 2 camera a kodak. for christmas im getting a nikon. so nikon being in 4th surprises me.
posted July 16th, 2010
I own a Nikon P&S as well as a Canon. The Nikon just isn't very good. Ken Rockwell loves Nikon D-SLRs, but abhors their P&S range and always shoots Canon when it comes to compacts.
posted July 18th, 2010
I've got a sony DSLR and a sony P & S. Love them both
posted July 20th, 2010
i love my CANON ♥
posted July 20th, 2010
I used to be pretty okay with my blackberry's camera, but the longer I have it the worse the pictures it takes seem to be. I generally only use it for posting quick snaps to twitter and even then I'm usually disappointed with what I see on the computer when I get home.

I've never been impressed with iPhone or Droid's cameras.

Still, both work in a pinch when you're trying to take a photo every day so I'm not as surprised as I wish I were that they were so high up on the list. It's not portfolio material but the quality could be worse I guess.

I'm pretty happy with the canon I have. I didn't buy it - it's actually my fiancee's and she got it used from her mom. It's not bad. Mine was also a canon, but is a bit out of date even though it's still a great camera.
posted July 21st, 2010
Nikon will always stay lower, when u buy a nikon you pay for the advertising, and the label. . .I love my Canon and i think itll always be better than Nikon. .I hate that theyre are camera phones tho, its just. . .yuck.
posted July 24th, 2010
i love my panasonic, it's my first camera i bought from my pocket hahahaha
posted August 12th, 2010
I'm a Canon girl all the way.......
posted August 19th, 2010
I try to use my Canon T1i as much as I can, but when that isn't possible I use my Panasonic Lumix point and shoot [DMC-TZ5].
Whenever I have to revert to the P&S I don't know what to do with myself.. I feel like I have no control or creative options!
Even still, for a lame point and shoot I think mine does an okay job relative to some others I've used.
posted August 20th, 2010
I love using my iPhone to take my photos. I mean I have my Nikon digital... but anywhere I am, I always have my iPhone. even on a rollercoaster ride! :D
posted September 2nd, 2010
I love the Carl Zeiss lens ,my 6 mega pix take betterpics than alot of other brands 10,and mine has a 12x optical zoom DSC-H2 Sony
posted September 12th, 2010
Love my Canon 40D!!!
posted September 13th, 2010
Hm. I use a Kodak, I thought they would be higher up on the list! Haha c:
posted September 17th, 2010
I love using my Canon Rebel but my Kodak point and shoot is a lot of fun too. I love that the Kodak is so small and it works great with the kids.
posted February 5th, 2011
Anyone use Nikon CoolPix S630?
I'd love to see your shots.
posted February 12th, 2011
Currently, my p&s is a Sony Cyber-shot, 4 mega pixels w/ 3x optical zoom. My pics are just "ok." Have been thinking about a new p&s but not sure if I want a Sony or a Canon.
posted August 8th, 2011
I love my Nikon.
posted August 27th, 2011
I use Nikon and Canon point and shoot camers. The Nikon P300 and the Canon 780i. Both really nice to use.
posted December 1st, 2011
I think Canon Point & Shoot is very deserving to be at the #1 spot. I use a Canon p&s, and many photographers are surprised when they see the pictures and i tell them its from a P&S...the quality and technology Canon has is top-class
posted March 25th, 2012
@revjoel Fujifilm EXR 550 (and onwards range). It goes up to 8 seconds, and F10 on fully manual. I have one, and I LOVE it! I researched really intently, and chose this one as it has most of the capabilities, and certainly as much as I will probably need, of a DSLR.
posted April 6th, 2012
that gap between canon and nikon is actually quite astonishing....i assumed they wood be a lot closer....even though canon is the bomb
posted August 17th, 2012
I'm surprised Olympus is not here. I have just got a TG-820 and love it
posted August 28th, 2012
if anyone can 'Canon' can (o;
posted October 11th, 2012
I'm surprised that Olympus hasn't figured in the point & shoot market. I've got a SP 700 which I don't use very often but is handy to have in your handbag just in case you can't focus your camera at traffic lights for example!
posted December 15th, 2012
All three of my camera brands made the list! Canon, iPhone and Panasonic! Now, if I could just use two off of auto!
posted January 5th, 2013
I love my Nikon P510. I'm surprised they aren't more popular.
posted January 6th, 2013
I would have guessed that Nikon would be second, so that's a surprise I suppose. In my photography club Canon and Nikon outnumber the others. I'm surprised Pentax aren't even on the list. - I'd guess they were more popular than it would appear they are. However, I'm thinking of SLRs and I expect this list includes a lot of compacts, which would affect results quite a lot.

No, this list will not affect my camera purchasing at all.
posted April 5th, 2013
I have had a parade of Canons but bought a Nikon bridge camera this time. I really like the features. I wonder why it is only 4th.
posted May 1st, 2013
I like my Nikon, it is heavy though with a huge lens on it.
posted August 29th, 2013
I am a Canon girl through and through, but really shocked that Nikon is in 4th!
posted October 28th, 2013
@revjoel I just got a Cannon Powershot SX160 IS at Staples on close out for well under $200. Whatever's replacing that should "cost less than a major body part." Mine has Aperture Priority, Shutter priority, and Manual. I'm still working on getting myself into Aperture and Shutter priority, so I'm not sure exactly how much control you really have in Manual, and of course your definition of "good point and shoot" might be more exacting than my "good point and shoot" but you might want to have a look at the powershots.
posted January 13th, 2014
Love my NIkon and so surprised it rated so low. There must be a reason for that, but not sure what it would be.
posted March 9th, 2014
Pentax has good quality, price, and lens compatability, so I'm sorry it isn't there.
posted May 11th, 2014
Love my Canon so much I bought my husband one too!
posted September 29th, 2014
Ha ha my camera isn't even on the list. I have a Olympus E-M1. I have to admit, it is a bit on the difficult side to learn. I had a Canon before and it was so much easier.
posted July 14th, 2015
Love my large lens Sony, Cost a little more but love the features and 30x optical zoom! It is the DSC- HX200V. I think there is a newer model too. I call it a point and shoot on steroids!
posted February 8th, 2016
I think we should perhaps view these stats as just a rough representation as I am sure like me Many export the photos from Lightroom with no metadata. But there is no doubt on the rapid rise of the iPhone
posted March 31st, 2016
@msk1p2 I'm with you! I love my olympus OMD. I thought I was the only person who has one! Nice to know someone else is an Olympus fan. I don't know why they're not popular. Hardly anyone seems to have one. Hey ho! I'm happy with mine!
posted April 6th, 2016
Used Canon DSLR for years but I'm now a happy Olympus OMD convert. Never, ever have I been happier with a camera.
posted April 23rd, 2016
Interesting articles on DSLR and point and shoot, so far. I'd be interested in seeing one on mirrorless cameras and how they compare now, in number of users, to the DSLRs.
posted March 30th, 2017
Wow Im surprised too I have OM D E-M5Mark11 , havent had it very long so still learning , I love it ,I also use my i ph 5 sometimes
posted July 5th, 2017
I use Pentax why don't they even register???
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