23rd July 2020 by emmadurnford

23rd July 2020

Day 121 of semi lock down.

A bit of an early rise this morning as my friend Julia had planned to drop around first thing for a cup of tea and to return some old envelopes. We had a good chat this time unlike my last visit to her shop when it was so busy I had to leave after a couple of minutes! She left at about 9.30am and then Colin and I filled the back of the car with rubbish he had found in the garage during a lockdown clear out. Because of the massive queues as the local tip has been closed for a few months, we had to make an online appointment. We arrived 10 minutes early and there was absolutely no queue at all - luckily they let us straight in.

It was a far easier process than normal and within a few minutes we had cleared the boot and we set off back to Twickenham. I have a meeting on Friday regarding photographing the view of Twickenham from Eel Pie island so we stopped briefly so that I can have a quick look at the type of view and composition. Then it was back home finally for a well earned cup of coffee and slice of cake that I had baked yesterday for David's visit.

In the afternoon I made up three more prints along with the invoices and now I only have six prints left to sell out of the original edition of 25 which is actually far better than I thought I would achieve. It felt a constructive day today and and that things are finally getting back to normal.

45,554 PHE total dead in the UK (updated today but no breakdown)
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