Clifton Moor by if1

Clifton Moor

012 - During the 1930s, farmland was bought to provide York with a municipal aerodrome here on what is now Clifton Moor. During WW2 maintenance of Wellington bombers was undertaken, and after the war, they were scrapped here. From the late 1950s the area began to slumber, the airfield no longer used, and nature took over. From the 1980s onwards, residential development, office accomodation and an out of town shopping centre were built. Due to poor land drainage, it was necessary to create this lake as part of drainage remedial work, so in the midst of a massive industrial / residential development we have this pleasant open space and lake - although today wasn't the best day to enjoy it. Shortly after this shot was taken the sky became much darker, and the rain began.

The photo in the nicer weather can be seen at
Well that is nice that it is there today. I am sure on a nicer day this must be a very nice place to relax
March 18th, 2012  
nice looking spot
March 18th, 2012  
@bkbinthecity @steeler

Thank you both - I'll pop back to the lake at some point on a more sunny day for another shot
March 19th, 2012  
@if1 Looking forward to that
March 20th, 2012  
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