Hot Pursuit! by janetb

Hot Pursuit!

My mind raced when I saw an antlered White-tailed Deer standing still as could be alongside the road winding through the mall parking lot. What on earth was he doing there? I came to a stop to stare at his glossy eyes staring intently across the road to the other side. Eventually, I discovered the object of his gaze — this pretty doe. I drove a short distance and turned around for a better view.

When I opened my window, I heard him make low, grunting sounds; and I admired his majestic stance. Then, in an instant, I found myself in the way as antlers raced past my headlights in a hot pursuit! The doe tried to escape, and the two thundered through the parking lot turning this way and that while the aggressive nature of the chase scared me. I feared they might run smack into my vehicle in their frenzy, so I took my foot off the brake and cautiously inched out of the way.

Eventually, the buck returned to the side of the road where I found him. On her side, she stood on high alert for a minute or two before laying down behind a shrub in a scantily landscaped, decorative island. My hands trembled on the steering wheel as I sat wide-eyed, thinking of the stark contrast between what I'd just witnessed and the peaceful, grazing deer scenes so familiar to me.

I never knew much about “the rut” before, but I do now. What an experience!
Too sweet fav
November 16th, 2020  
Wow, well spotted and a cute capture. I loved your story, too.
November 16th, 2020  
I would've been a nervous wreck seeing deer so close to the road. Makes my heart race just thinking about it. Love how the light has illuminated those long chin whiskers.
November 16th, 2020  
Goodness, I'm sure that was nerve-racking...a peaceful capture, though ♥
November 16th, 2020  
What a story! That must have been incredible to watch. And such lovely lighting and focus on the doe.
November 16th, 2020  
Lovely Hope he found his way home!
November 17th, 2020  
A beautiful animal and I'm so glad you were safe in your car when all this happened. :)
November 19th, 2020  
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