Sleepy Eyes by janetb

Sleepy Eyes

She woke from her nap with wild hair. The sunscreen her mama had put on her head that morning coated every strand as she slept. Chuckling, I scooped her up with hugs and kisses and carried her out of The Dreamcatcher, her sleepy eyes blinking in the bright sunshine. She wanted juice. Soon after, she picked up where she’d left off — giving Teddy a bottle and blanket (he’s always hungry and cold), washing rocks in a bucket full of water, and asking for “more bubble” (although she finds putting the cap on and off the bottle more interesting than the bubbles). She decided Squawky Dog needed a walk; and we all ran to catch up as she tried to set out on her own, tiny hand clutching Dog’s silky red string. I didn’t take my camera out much on the trip. I savored every precious minute I could give Little Miss Charlotte my full attention. She’s pure joy, through and through; and I love her with my whole heart. ♥


And with that, my fourth 365 Project comes to an end. As intended, I've mused a lot. It took 23 months rather than 12 to complete this project. I took my time, shooting more intentionally and digging deeper into the hows and whys of my desire to document my days, each moment grace-soaked by beauty Himself. I've revealed more of what it's like to be me, if only to gain some clarity about where I've been and where I'm going. I’ve learned to slow, to live in a place of attention and awareness, to quiet the urge to hurry, to receive each moment with gratitude, to forgive myself and begin again when I fail. I have much more to learn. He leads. I follow. I look forward to the next leg of the journey.

Thank you to all who supported this project with comments and favs. You lifted me up, and I'm extremely grateful. I know I'll be checking in...your images are too beautiful, too inspiring, to miss!
This is a beautiful photo to capture this awesome memory!
July 7th, 2022  
@dsp2 Thank you so much! I wasn’t aware that you began posting again. It’s good to see you back! This is the last picture of my fourth project. I will perhaps be back at some point. I wish you the best with your project!
July 7th, 2022  
Aww- how precious. David was spot on when he wrote children were a gift from God- because of them we have grandchildren who bring joy! I will miss your thoughtful posts and the love we share in Christ even though we've never met. If you're interested visit my website once and a while to see what I'm writing about or send me an email at to let me know how you're doing. Blessings to you and yours on the next leg of your journey.
July 8th, 2022  
precious photo ... I enjoyed reading what you shared with us.
July 8th, 2022  
Such a cutie! Your captures and commentary are always so inspiring. God bless you on the next leg of your journey!
July 8th, 2022  
@olivetreeann You are so sweet to take the time to write...thank you for your kind words! I will definitely be popping in to follow along from time to time. Your creativity has certainly been an inspiration and a joy. The love we share in Christ will connect us always, and I will keep you in my prayers. God bless!
July 8th, 2022  
@lynnz Thank you for your kind comment, Lynn! Your photos have a special joy about them...the unique ability to uplift...and I've really enjoyed your project!
July 8th, 2022  
@juliedduncan Julie (one of the first to welcome me to 365 way back in 2015), thank you for your always kind comments...every one was truly appreciated! It makes me happy to know you enjoyed the commentaries as well as the captures. To God be the glory, and may He richly bless you today and every day!
July 8th, 2022  
@juliedduncan P.S. Please keep doing your neurographic are so very talented, and you bless others with the gift of beauty by sharing it!
July 8th, 2022  
This photo is precious, wild hair and all! It is her, who she is right now and you will want to remember it!
As always, your words are eloquent, heartfelt and ring true to how I feel about photograph...and my walk with God! Thanks for your photos and your words!
July 9th, 2022  
What a delight to read about this gorgeous little girl in your life, and to see the natural portrait you captured so well. I will be sure to dip into some of the many posts from you that i missed over the last year and am sad to find that i come back just as you are moving on. It was so lovely to have your welcome back message on my project. I look up to you as a photographer, a writer and a woman who lives by her faith. I have always valued your contributions on your project and on my posts. Go well I hope our paths cross once more before long.
July 9th, 2022  
@janetb Thank you, Janet. The same to you! Also, I appreciate your encouragement on the art. That means a lot. Blessings!
July 9th, 2022  
July 11th, 2022  
I love to read your writing...beautiful. Hope you continue ....
July 13th, 2022  
@thewatersphotos Thank you so much for your kindness, Gary! It is a pleasure to follow you on 365. Your beautiful photography and inspiring faith are lights in the world, and I’m grateful. God bless you!
July 15th, 2022  
@helenhall How sweet you are! Thank you so very much for your encouragement over the years. I thoroughly enjoy your photos and writing and will be checking in from time to time, for sure. You are so talented, and I’m thankful that you share the beauty you create…you brighten the days of many by doing so!
July 15th, 2022  
@ggshearron It makes me happy to know that you enjoy my project – to God be the glory! Thank you so much for your kindness and encouragement. I wish you many more hours of enjoyment with photography. I’m so glad you share your beautiful work here on 365!
July 15th, 2022  
This is adorable and I loved your story, too. I've really enjoyed looking at your wonderful pictures I'm sorry to see you leave. Yes, please stop in to visit us. Take care, Janet.
July 16th, 2022  
@mittens Thank you so much, Marilyn! I am thankful for your interest in my project, and I will definitely be checking in from time to time. I hope you enjoy the rest of summer here in the ‘burgh!
July 18th, 2022  
I miss you Janet .... come back.
November 2nd, 2022  
@ggshearron How kind of you! Thank you so much! Perhaps some day I will begin another 365 project. :)
November 5th, 2022  
Sweet photo
December 26th, 2022  
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas Janet, and Happy New Year to you also. It was so nice of your to stop in and comment on my photo.
December 27th, 2022  
Thanks for stopping by on my project Janet. I found that really touching after such a long absence and fading of commitment here by me. I hope you and family are well and wish you many blessings through 2023
January 1st, 2023  
What a beautiful image of your dear litle Charlotte. May you have many more years to enjoy her company as she grows.
February 17th, 2023  
It was good to see you pop in on one of my pictures! I hope all is well with you and your family- and thanks for stopping by for a quick visit to my project.
February 18th, 2023  
Lovely keepsake photo of Charlotte and inside into her very busy schedule. A Delight. Hope it's not too long before you pop back again. Hope all is good with you and your family. Take care and all best wishes.
April 7th, 2023  
I was participating in Flashback Friday and saw your case you check in from time to time I wanted to say have a blessed Easter. I miss your photos and your narratives.
April 7th, 2023  
November 16th, 2023  
Come back.............I miss you and hope you are okay.
January 6th, 2024  
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