• February 2011

1st Feb 2011 - Sunset, Flyingfish Cove Christmas Island - 40metres offshore, neck deep in about 7metres of water while snorkelling
2nd Feb 2011 - Gong Xi Fa Cai!! In honor of Chinese New Year (and a long day at work) I stopped off and took this at a Chinese temple near my home in Poon Saan, Christmas Isand
3rd Feb 2011 - Ship being loaded with phosphate - Flying Fish Cove Christmas Island
4th Feb 2011 - rainy day, got home late, candlelight can always help me relax
5th Feb 2011 - Monsoon rain - view outside my apartment front door today - not much photography happening today
6th Feb 2011 - went scuba diving today for the first time in a few years, in spite of heavy rain, the dive was magnificent
7th Feb 2011 - tiny hermit crab - that is my little finger (pinkie) indicating him
8th Feb 2011 - robber crabs are also known as coconut crabs: this one dragged a coconut across the road while we watched
9th Feb 2011 - the wet season makes for good sunsets on those odd occasions it stops raining
10th Feb 2011 - so I started taking a couple of shots for todays 365 shot and suddenly it started raining extremely heavily - so this is all I could get - i got soaked but the camera seems ok
11th Feb 2011 - the striking purple and green foliage caught my eye first and then I noticed this which I assume is a flower
12th Feb 2011 - green insect on blue morning glory flower
13th Feb 2011 - Anemone - check, anemone fish - check..... where's Nemo?
14th Feb 2011 - gecko
15th Feb 2011 - feral chook
16th Feb 2011 - Huge Golden Orb Weaver Spider (Nephila)- with ocean views!
17th Feb 2011 - early morning streetlight starburst in torrential rain
18th Feb 2011 - lanterns adorn many buildings for the ongoing Chinese New Year celebrations
19th Feb 2011 - The early morning moon
20th Feb 2011 - rain on the car windscreen
21st Feb 2011 - my first water drop photo
22nd Feb 2011 - water droplets - reprise
23rd Feb 2011 - A very Strangler's Sunset
24th Feb 2011 - Phoenix
25th Feb 2011 - fisheye view of the phosphate loader sunset Christmas Island
26th Feb 2011 - Flying Fish Cove, Kampong and Settlement Christmas Island
27th Feb 2011 - Golden Bosun Bird (Phaethon lepturus fulvus)
28th Feb 2011 - Purple - Alan's choice - palm trees after dark CI golf course