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April 1st 2020; Start of year five. This started as a sponsored challenge to take only one photo a day in April 2016, on my 'phone and have no repeated themes. I've now completed 4 years, but last year I embraced gaps, and didn't backfill if I didn't take a photo and as it's my project, felt no guilt!!!

I tag my get-pushed with getpushedjackier I am happy to revisit challenges. http://365project.org/tags/getpushedjackier . Get pushed challengers, i usually have a day off on Tuesday, so try to take my get pushed shot then. Much appreciated if you challenge me by Monday. I won't do 'street photography' and editing and processing is still too much of a challenge to be enjoyable so please don't ask me to do a particular edit.

I have been lucky that some of my photos have made it to popular page which gives a lovely glow and if you'd like to see these click on this link http://alexisbirkill.com/365project/popularpage/getuserdetails.php?username=30pics4jackiesdiamond

I'm also part of a group thedarkroom. A group of like minded 365ers who collectively support, inspire and encourage each other. My day to post is Tuesday. https://365project.org/thedarkroom/profile

I have set myself the target of not following more than 80(ish) people. It is so lovely to look at your photos and I aim to comment on each of them. I love looking at photographs taken by people who take the time to comment on mine and if I don't follow you I will return the compliment of the time you've taken to look at one of mine and comment on yours.