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April 2017- ! completed my first year (oh it appears I'm continuing with 365 then!?) with two albums and am slowly learning to edit photos. My plan is to become more skilled with processing- but mainly on 'cloning out' and fun edits that are obvious and not cheating to fool the eye.I try to remember to tag my get_pushed with getpushedjackier so you can take a look at what I've done, I am happy to revisit challenges though, to have a look at my get pushed photos I put them all together here http://365project.org/tags/getpushedjackier

WOW!!! Where did that first year go?? This started as a sponsored challenge to take only one photo a day in April 2016, on my 'phone and have no repeated themes. I then decided to extend the challenge and continue for a year and I learnt so much as I enjoyed taking part in themes and competions. I now use a D-SLR(a Pentax) and am gaining skills and expertise to get to grips with f stops and exposure times.

The best bit of 365 is the people I have 'met'. You have commented, advised and faved photos and I follow (or stalk) a fare few of you myself. I have set myself the target of not following more than 60 people, it is so lovely to look at your photos and I try to comment on them. However I will look at photographs taken by people who take the time to comment on mine if I don't follow you- to return the compliment of the time you've taken to look at one of mine.

I've introduced 2 brothers, a sister-in-law and some friends to 365 and Him at home is very supportive and I wouldn't have achieved what I have here without His support. I usually have my little 'point & shoot' with me, but am not confident using it in public and won't take close up/recognisable pictures of people I don't know. I'm beginning to come around to view post processing as ' not cheating ' but tend to prefer to upload sooc.

I have been lucky that some of my photos have made it to popular page which gave a lovely glow and if you'd like to see these click on this link http://alexisbirkill.com/365project/popularpage/getuserdetails.php?username=30pics4jackiesdiamond

Thanks for reading this far- hope not too boring