Crypt-at-night by ajisaac


Well not quite a night but due to the cloudy weather it was quite dark, and I couldn't think of another title!

This is the entrance passage at the All Cannings Long Barrow, a modern barrow near All Cannings, Wiltshire, inspired by the neolithic barrows built 5,500 years ago. It was the first barrow built in Britain in thousands of years.

The structure was commissioned by farmer and Stonehenge steward Timothy Daw and completed in September 2014.

The monument is a sequence of stone chambers under an earthen mound.

The Long Barrow is aligned to the sunrise of the winter solstice when the sun will illuminate the internal stone passageway.

Within the chalk mound there are five chambers arranged off the passageway that starts at the local Sarsen stone entrance. The chambers, or columbaria, have niches built into the traditional handcrafted limestone walls. Niches are for single, double or up to six urns. The niches can be sealed with a memorial stone if required.
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