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Time for another update - just love photography - still loads to learn...Never enough hours in my day.
Started 365 in 2012 and still loving it.

Update.. Now on Year 3 and still love 365 just as much, such a fabulous community Still loads to learn just never enough hours in the day but I do always hope that my photography will improve. Always love reading the comments very much appreciated and I always try to comment back but please accept my apologises as sometimes I'm not as active as i wish to be.

Update Year 2 : My challenge this year is too move onto manual mode as most of my shots last year were on mainly auto setting, so this year a determined effort to be on manual mode - I really enjoyed my first year but now feel its time to get the most out my camera and be more creative. Much appreciate comments on how to improve, thank you. I'm throughly enjoying 365, such a friendly, helpful awesome community.

Here is a clever little tool that Alexis Birkill designed to see what pics made it to the popular page since April 2013.

Woohoo - So so happy .... 5th June 2015 My first photo to appear on TT
Featured on TT week 260 - http://365project.org/blog/official-top-20-chart-week-260 (number 19)
Featured on TT week 340 - https://365project.org/blog/official-top-20-chart-week-340 ( number 19)
Featured on TT week 343 - https://365project.org/blog/official-top-20-chart-week-343 ( number 8)

Cool little feature written by another 365er Mark Mywerds