El Niño - the hope of summer  by brigette

El Niño - the hope of summer

Its fair to say that it's been raining what feels like almost non stop this year! We've had barely a few dry days. For those interested (if not move along! 2021 around 400mm, 2022 700mm and this year a whopping 1200+mm.
Apparently we're entering a El Niño pattern so lets see how that's goes...
A lovely scenic shot , wishing a wonderful summer
September 30th, 2023  
@Dawn thanks Dawn - fingers crossed for all of us!
September 30th, 2023  
So nicely composed
October 1st, 2023  
We, too, have had an unusually wet year. For this arid area, it's been rather glorious. The trees have full canopies, the grass is green, lots of blooms.
October 1st, 2023  
those trees are close pals holding hands there
October 1st, 2023  
We've had the wettest winter in 24 years! So many floods with lost lives, homes and roads.

I love your beautiful peaceful capture.
October 1st, 2023  
This lovely image makes me think about the 'Sycamore Gap' tree in Northumberland which was cut down (apparently by a vandal) the other day. It was such an utterly devastating piece of news. Such senseless, awful, terrible vandalism. I'll never understand why anyone could even think of doing it, let alone carry out the heinous act. Sorry. Rant over.
October 1st, 2023  
@jamibann totally fine ☺️ I love a good rant myself from time to time 🙄🤣
October 6th, 2023  
Weather doesn't sound good, love these twins
October 10th, 2023  
Very inviting - hope your weather improves!
October 23rd, 2023  
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